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Pennsylvania Certified Lethal Weapons Training & Instruction

Hi. I’m Dr. Bruce Eimer, the founder and President of Personal Defense Solutions, LLC. I am not a spec ops commando or a martial artist. I am a Pennsylvania Certified Lethal Weapons Training Instructor, an NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor in Defensive Handgun and Shotgun, and a Ph.D. licensed clinical psychologist. I have never served in the military, nor have I worked as a sworn police officer. I am a life long student of armed and unarmed personal protection. I have taken years of intensive training in the use of combat handguns and long guns.

I am a graduate of a number of premier shooting schools which have included:

  • The NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Development Program
  • The Lethal Force Institute
  • Sig Sauer Academy
  • Defense Training International
  • Thunder Ranch
  • Yavapai Firearms Academy
  • Firearms Research and Instruction

I have studied extensively with some of the luminaries in the defensive firearms instruction field including: John Farnam, Massad Ayoob, Louis Awerbuck, and Clint Smith.

In 2004, I founded Personal Defense Solutions to provide life-saving personal protection training to law abiding citizens. After training for several years with a founding member of the Philadelphia Police Department’s SWAT unit, together, we co-authored the book, Essential Guide to Handguns: Firearm Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection. Since 2004, I’ve also been penning “The Armed Senior Citizen Column”, in Concealed Carry Magazine. I also just completed my new ebook, ARMED: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry published by Gun Digest Books.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. In a life or death critical incident, the only person you can count on is yourself. Let me help you acquire the essential knowledge, skills and attitude for effectively protecting yourself and your loved ones. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use deadly force. However, if in the gravest of extremes, you do, after you’ve trained received Pennsylvania lethal weapons training instruction with me, you will know what to do so that you can get to go home after the fight.

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