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Defensive Firearms Classes & Personal Instruction

Pennsylvania firearms classes and trainingIn addition to offering the 31+ State Non-Resident CCW Permit Class, Personal Defense Solutions offers Pennsylvania firearms classes and training to can teach you what you need to know for personal handgun self defense.  Do you need to:

  • Learn to operate and shoot a handgun for personal defense and protection?
  • Become a competent defensive shooter as soon as possible?
  • Learn firearm safety and the laws pertaining to the use of deadly force?

Dr. Eimer teaches expert defensive handgun and shotgun classes. These are private classes in Basic Defensive Handgun and Basic Home Defense Shotgun to help you learn to use these firearms competently for self protection. This is private individualized training. Sessions are scheduled for individuals, couples, or small groups on a private basis. Contact me online directly  or phone 215-938-7283 (215-938-SAVE), to schedule your private class.You will learn:

  • Weapons operation
  • Safe weapon handling and care
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Basic tactical skills
  • The laws pertaining to deadly force
  • No prior experience is necessary

Personal Defense Solutions, LLC also hosts self defense courses taught by guest instructors who are well known experts in their field. Guest Instructor taught courses include: Combat Handgun, Combat Shotgun, Combat Carbine, and Combat Edged Weapon. PDS has hosted classes by such well known instructors as John Farnam (combat handgun, shotgun, and rifle), Rob Pincus (combat handgun), and Tom Kier (combat knife and edged weapon).

Dr. Eimer, President of Personal Defense Solutions, LLC, is a licensed clinical psychologist, a nationally renowned NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, a Pennsylvania Certified Lethal Weapons Training Instructor, a published author, and a column editor for Concealed Carry Magazine. A “non-martial artist”, Dr. Eimer emphasizes the practical, the realistic and the lawful components of armed and unarmed self defense.

Check out my helpful article on Defensive Shooting Fundamentals.

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